Lean Leadership

Leadership will become a key competence in your organisation

Shop floor Management is a method that helps supervisors to improve their leadership role. The critical competitive factors of quality, cost and delivery performance (QCD) are the focus of all activities. Daily visualisation of these and other critical indicators guarantees immediate recognition of deviations and definition of actions.

Coaching of management prepares them optimally for their role in a Lean organisation. A high proportion of their time where the work is being done, verifying facts themselves (Genchi Genbutsu); leasing by asking open questions (Go & See & Ask); demanding committment and supporting employees as a mentor to establish critical mutual respect and appreciation.

A structured problem solving process is a pre-requisite for successful Shop floor management. It ensure that problems are quickly and permanently solved in teams. In addition a transparent and unbureaucratic improvement system is needed for employees (Employee CI) with the focus on rapid implementation of improvement proposals.