A long term customer partnership

Kistler Instruments AG

Since 2018 we have conducted our Shop floor Management Seminar with our customer of several years standing Kistler Instruments AG.

Kistler Instruments AG

Kistler is the global market leader in dynamic measurement technology for pressure, energy, torque and acceleration. Kistler’s modular solutions are based on top technology.


As an experienced partner for development Kistler assists its customers in science and industry to optimise their products and processes to achieve sustainable competitive advantage. The management owned Swiss company, with its unique sensor technology, defines future technologies in automotive development, industrial automation and a host of other branches. With its broad application knowledge and an absolute commitment to quality Kistler is making an important contribution to current mega trends; such as electric vehicles, driverless vehicles, emission reductions and Industry 4.0.

In our Shop floor Management seminar, which we conduct with our partner Kistler Instruments AG participants learn how to optimise management along the entire value chain.