A best performance network.

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A best performance network.

We create our solutions with these partners and develop best performance.

An overview of our partners

Eugen Seitz AG

We have successfully worked together for years with our Best Practice Partner, Eugen Seitz AG in Wetzikon (ZH).

GDELS-Mowag GmbH

Since 2018 we have offered Shop floor Management and Systematic A3 Problem Solving seminars at GDELS-Mowag GmbH.

Kernbrand AG

Together from the very beginning: is how the partnership between Kernbrand and Wertfabrik can be described. Kernbrand brains were even used in naming our company.

Kistler Instruments AG

Since 2018 we have conducted our Shop floor Management Seminar with our customer of several years standing Kistler Instruments AG.


With our partner KMU SWISS AG we regularly organise events on the topic of Lean.


In partnership with ZHAW (Zurich University of Applied Science) we offer a CAS (Certificate in Advance Studies) for Lean Management to engineers and managers.