With us you become a Lean and competitive business

Clever in takt

Do you want your value adding activities to be brought into takt in a clever way? We don’t only advise you, but show you the success factors needed to become a “Lean Organisation”, always remembering your customers. How? We investigate all areas of your business with our unique method. Lean consultants strong on implementation with a track record of successful projects in key industries guarantee quick results and value for tomorrow – that’s our promise!

Your objectives are our objectives

  • A Lean and competitive business.
  • Lean and well implemented process along the entire value chain.
  • A common direction based on processes and a set of methods.

In business understanding valuing adding and non-valuing adding activities is a practical and simple concept to learn. The key to success is harmonised interplay between an organisation’s production systems and individual employees.

Prozess Optimisation in Seven Steps

Synchronise your processes. Process optimisation to create value is prepared and implemented in seven steps.


  1. Kick-off
  2. Training
  3. Analysis
  4. Process development
  5. Implementation
  6. Fine tuning
  7. Project closure

Fit for Global Competition

Businesses are continuously faced with new challenges. These present risks but opportunities as well.


We support businesses in achieving Lean Management throughout the organisation. All elements are integrated from systematic analysis to the development process fur serial production. This enables us to make your Lean Streams flow.


The key deciding factors for sustainable project success are:

  • Total committment from management and the project team
  • Involvement of those employees directly affected
  • A structured approach
  • Customer empowerment