Build up your own in-house know-how

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Build up your own in-house know-how

For a successful Lean Transformation it is imperative that: knowledge, capabilities and methods are changed and continuously checked. Wertfabrik supports you to do this with relevant training, and specialist events at customers who have a strong Lean culture.

An overview of our seminars

Introduction course Lean Expert

In an intensive seminar you will get to know the fundamentals and methods to create a change culture. This will give you the ability to improve processes and encourage innovation.


Shop floor Management (SFM)

Simply installing Lean Management will not make your organisation successful. The most important factors are management philosophy and leadership. This is where Shop floor Management comes into play with the objective of optimising leadership along the entire value chain.

Systematic Problem solving with A3 reports

With systematic problem solving you will in future tackle the root causes of problems rather than just addressing symptoms. This course and SFM are compulsory elements of the training to become a Lean Manager.


Lean Development

In the two day course Lean Development you will focus on how improve processes in your design. You will get know the critical factors in Lean Development and recommended actions.


CAS Lean Management for Managers and Engineers 2018

In partnership with ZHAW (Zurich University of Applied Science) we offer a CAS (Certificate in Advance Studies) for Lean Management to engineers and managers in a five month course starting in October.



Advanced training Lean Expert

In this four day advanced training to Lean Expert you will gain the skills needed to successfully plan and conduct your own Lean Workshops in your organisation.



Advanced training Senior Lean Manager 2018

Senior Lean Manager ensure that Lean culture becomes part of the organisational culture. This course gives you the ability to drive forward Lean initiatives in your organisation, to use you knowledge as a Senior Lean Manager in an effective and efficient way and to train others.



Advanced Shop floor Management 2018

In a two day advanced training course on Shop floor Management you will develop you Lean Leadership skill. You will learn the leadership method of Shop floor Management and how to implement this technique in your own organisation.



Advanced Lean Innovation & Development 2019

In a four day advanced training about Lean Innovation & Development you will learn how to identify areas requiring attention in the development process and how to improve them in a structured way.


In-house Seminars

Training on the job

Our Lean consultants would welcome the opportunity to visit you and train your employees on a range of topics. Learn about the in-house training we are able to offer: