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Progress with Knowledge

Specialised literature helps you to keep your knowledge up to date and achieve competitive advantage. Our Literature tips list specialist publications concerning Lean, Change Management and Process Flow.

An Overview of Our Literature Tips

The Lean Turnaround by Art Byrne

A guide for CEOs

The Lean Turnaround by Art Byrne is a guide how CEOs can trim their organisations to make them Lean.

The Lean Manager by Freddy Ballé, Michael Ballé and Jeffrey Liker

A novel about Lean Transformation

In this ground breaking continuation of “The Gold Mine” the authors Michael and Freddy Ballé tell a thrilling tale which teaches the reader the most important lesson of all.

The Goal by Eliyahu M. Goldratt

A novel about process optimisation

The Manager Alex Rogo is given an Ultimatum by the board. Either he makes his factory significantly more profitable within three months or it will be closed down.

Managing to Learn by John Shook

Supporting managers and employees

The Managing to Learn-Author and “Lean-Guru” John Shook shows how to structurally solve problems, more importantly how managers and employees can be supported and develop themselves.

Toyota Kata by Mike Rother

A look under the bonnet

The world likes to study Toyota to see process improvements and exceptional results.