Lean Supply Chain

Essential for an organisation’s success

The Lean Supply Chain encompasses both internal and external logistics in addition to purchasing and procurement.

Internally the following Lean Logistic concepts can be applied:


  • Separation of value adding and logistic processes
  • Synchronisation, flow orientation, takted material supply
  • Ergonomic material positioning
  • Pull principle (Kanban)
  • Mini market and supermarket
  • Consumption management and commissioning
  • Milk run
  • Set building and kitting
  • C-part management
  • Visualisation and inventory reduction
  • Classification of material in ABC/XYZ procurement categories.

External concepts include:


  • Just in Time und Just in Sequence supply
  • Milk run
  • Shipping space optimisation
  • Tracking and Tracing
  • Supplier Kanban
  • Automated and visualised order placement
  • Single point of storage
  • Vendor managed inventory


Lean Logistic can improve productivity by up to 30%.